Grundfos DDA, DDC, DDE Dosing Pumps

Grundfos Alldos SMART Digital Dosing Pumps

The Digital SMART range features a variable speed stepper-motor which alters the volume to be dosed by adjusting the discharge speed, while continuously using 100% of the stroke length. This leads to optimum dosing accuracy and better handling of degassing liquids. The SMART models offer the following features:

  • Turn-down ration of 1:3000 for DDA 7.5-16 and 1:1000 for all other models.
  • Smooth continuous dosing
  • Full stroke length
  • Improved dosing head/valve design
  •  Click-stop mounting plate for flexible instillation
  • Full-PTFE diaphragm ensuring high realibility
  • Wide range power supply 100-240 V, 50/60Hz

[one_half]SMART Digital DDA

SMART Digital DDA: Suitable for high-end applications, the SMART Digital DDA has been designed for complex and demanding applications. In the case for degassing liquids, the DDA can provide flow rates down to 2.5 ml/h. In addition to an extended capacity range and a turn-down ratio of up to 1:3000, it boasts FlowControl, pressure monitoring, AutoFlowAdapt and integrated flow measurement. The package for industrial applications is rounded off by additional operating modes such as a week dosing timer and new functions such as auto deaeration.[/one_half][one_half_last]

Smart Digital DDC
SMART Digital DDC: Suitable for common applications. With an easy-to-use LCD interface and click wheel, this pump offers impressive features and is simple in functionality.  What’s more, all standard modes of operation and inputs/outputs such as analog control or output relay can be integrated into control systems. This pump is suitable for universal use thanks to highlights including the SlowMode (anti-cavitation) function for highly viscous media and the straightforward calibration mode.[/one_half_last]



SMART Digital DDE: Offers economical digital dosing for easier applications and is the most cost-effective entry level model with the benefits of Digital Dosing, including;  max. turn-down ration of 1:1000 and smooth, continuous dosing. Dosing rates range from 0.006 to 6 l/h. The rate is set using a logarithmic scale that runs from 0.1-100 %. The model’s straightforward pulse control, external stop function and empty level signal are ideal for basic OEM applications.

Feature and Benefits of Grundfos Alldos SMART Digital Dosing Pumps 


  • Intuitive and self-explanatory menu
  • Click wheel (turn-and-push knob)
  • Big graphical LCD with four colour “traffic light” concept
  • More than 25 languages[/one_half][one_half_last]



  • Turn-down ratio up to 3000:1 with a dosing spectrum of 0.0025 – 30 l per hour
  • Click-stop mounting plate for quick and variable installation
  • Control cube can be positioned in three ways (left, right, front)
  • Switch-mode power supply for model DDA



  • FlowControl with selective fault diagnosis
  • Pressure monitoring
  • Flow measurement
  • AutoFlowAdapt

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