Grundfos DME Digital Dosing Pump

Grundfos DME Digital Dosing Pump up to 940 l/h;  offers perfect precision along with a wide dosing range from 60 l/h to 940 l/h with few variants. The range offers all the benefits of the smaller, Digital Dosing range, making accurate dosing even easier than ever. 

Grundfos DME digital dosing pumps
Grundfos DME digital dosing pumps

DME 60-10, DME 150-4, DME 375-10, DME 940-4

  • Universal high performance pump with brushless direct current motor for industrial processes, wastwater treatment (flocculation tools).
  • Turn-down ration of 1:800
  • Integrated overpressure valve
  • Continuous dosing throughout whole range
  • userfriendly interface
  • Profibus optional

Digital Dosing

The stepper motor/EC drives optimises control of stroke speed and increases dosing accuracy. The flow setting controls the duration of each pressure stroke. The suction stroke , which remains constant, can be adapted to relevant needs via the anti-cavitation function.  This way suction always takes place with the full stroke volume. This results in continuous dosing and lower pulsation in the dosing system.

Grundfos DME digital dosing pumpsEasy, precise operation

The pump can be easily set to discharge exactly the quantity of dosing liquid required in the operation. On the display, the setting of the pump is read out directly in ml/h or l/h, pulse or batch. The operation mode is easily identified by means of icons.

Turn-down ration of 1:800

With a turndown ratio ten times better than that of traditional equipment, the DME Digital Dosing pumps offer maximum flexibility and accuracy.

Turndown of the suction stroke to 75 %, 50 % or 25 % of the maximum speed ensures optimal priming and displacement of even the most difficult liquids.

Switch-mode power supply

The switch-mode power supply makes sure that Grundfos DME Digital Dosing pumps can be used worldwide within the 100-240 VAC – 50/60 Hz range.

Several material variants

The dosing heads of DME pumps are available in stainless steel, PVDF, and environmentally friendly, cost-efficient polypropylene.


Dosing of, biocides and chemicals, belt lubricant for conveyor equipment diverse range of acids, lyes, flocculation and coagulation agents, cationic and anionic polymers with very different viscosities, precipitating agents and disinfectants, CIP applications.


  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Textile industry
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Industrial process water and waste water treatment
  • Drinking water treatment


Features and Benfits

  • Digital Dosing
  • Ratio 1:800
  • High precision – unique technology
  • Dosing of high viscosity media
  • Robustness and reliability

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