Grundfos DMH Dosing Pumps

The Grundfos DMH hydraulically actuated piston diaphragm dosing pumps have a dosing range from 0.15 l/h up to 2x 1500 l/h with a pressure range from 200 to 4 bar. Grundfos DMH dosing pumps consist of the DMH 25x and DMH 28x series. 

Grundfos DMH 25x Dosing Pumps
Grundfos DMH 25x Dosing Pumps
Grundfos DMH dosing pumps
Grundfos DMH 28x Dosing Pumps

The Grundfos DMH 25x, DMH 28x Series 

The Grundfos DMH series are a robust, high performance dosing pump suitable for applications requiring a reliable dosing and high-pressure capability, such as process engineering. The pumps have a long lifetime due to piston diaphragm technology. the Grundfos DHM 28x has been designed specifically for high pressure applications.

  • High dosing accuracy and exact reproducibility: Dosing flow constancy and linearity deviation are below 2% (DMH 28x: 1%).
  • High functional safety: DMH 28x consists of a serially integrated diaphragm protection system, integrated pressure relief valve and de-gassing valve of the hydraulic system.
  • Universal fields of application for this pump series due to a full PTFE dosing diaphragm.
  • Available in various options for manifold application requirments, such as ATEX, API, VIK, etc.


The Grundfos DMH 28x has been especially designed for high-pressure applications from 50 up to 200 bar.

Ready for tough application areas

Power plants

Dosing of various chemicals in all stages in a power plant:

  • For boiler feed water, treatment of cooling water and process water (raw water purification, chemicals for ion-exchangers, supplementary water treatment, effluent water neutralization).
  • Dosing of ammonia, hydrazine, phosphates in high-pressure areas (boiler feed water).


Petrochemical/oil & gas industry, refinery

Dosing of chemicals in process areas around the production of oil and gas (apart from drilling hole, platform):

  • Dosing of chemicals for treatment of cleaning water and process water
  • Dosing of wax as lubricant in oil-pipelines
  • Dosing of inhibitors and anticorrosion chemicals to protect oil pipelines
  • Dosing of additives and catalysts
  • Odorisation of gas because of safety aspects in case of leakages

Treatment of process water and drinking water

  • Rough environments (hot climate, desert, outdoor installations)
  • Higher flow and pressure ratings

EX zones

  • ATEX Directive (94/9/EC), Group II, category 2 (zone 1/21) and
  • ATEX Directive (94/9/EC), Group II, category 3 (zone 2/22)

Dosing of flammable liquids

  • Dosing of alcohol or methanol in wastewater treatment
  • Cleaning of kerosene and petrol in mechanical engineering and airport areas
  • Dosing of ethanol and methanol
  • Dosing of food-grade alcohol for disinfection in meat and bread packaging

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